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You Are the ‘Professorwrite a Diary Entry After Your First Day at the Cookhouse, Describing the Events that Led to this Assignment - English - Communicative

Answer in Brief

You are the ‘ProfessorWrite a diary entry after your first day at the cookhouse, describing the events that led to this assignment, also express your thoughts and feelings about the events of the day in about 175 words.

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Army Training Depot, Liverpool.
20th July, 1948 Dear Diary,
Corporal Turnbull was certainly not fair to me today. Perhaps he had taken his revenge. What was my fault? I don’t like vague generalisations. When it came to counting the fragments of the outside of a grenade, he should have been very specific. ‘Large number’ was a vague explanation. I gave the answer that was correct to the last digit—44 segments. I was expecting a nomination for the commission. He shocked me when he nominated me for permanent cookhouse duties.

My first day at cookhouse was quite a disgusting one. There is no system there. I protested against the unscientific and unhygienic method of peeling potatoes. Quite ridiculous and disgusting! Who should tell these fools that they are only wasting vitamin values by doing so. I will have to educate that gang of louts. They think that I am showy. But what can I do? I love knowledge and love to show it. And this is my fault. I can’t help it.
Concept: Writing and Grammar
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CBSE Class 9 English Course Communicative: Literature Reader
Chapter 1.3 The Man Who Knew Too Much
Q 9 | Page 27
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