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You Are Karan, a Student of Class X. You Have Been Distracted from Your Studies and Have Not Performed Well in SA-I. Write a Diary Entry in 50‒60 Words Describing Why this Has Happened and Your Resolution to Do Better in Sa-II. - English - Communicative

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You are Karan, a student of class X. You have been distracted from your studies and have not performed well in SA-I. Write a diary entry in 50‒60 words describing why this has happened and your resolution to do better in SA-II.


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Monday, 10 October 2014
9 p.m.

Dear Diary,

Today, I got my SA-I exam results. My performance in the same is very disappointing.

I have been distracted from my studies because of spending long hours in playing games on the computer and chatting with friends on social networking sites. Now, I understand that 'time and tide waits for none!'

I have decided to be regular in doing my homework, revising what has been taught and practising extra questions from reference books. I will certainly quit my addiction to computer games and social networking sites to perform well in SA-II.


Concept: Writing Skill
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