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You Are Given the Following Molecular Formulae of Some Hydrocarbons: C5h8; C7h14; C6h6; C5h10; C7h12; C6h12 Which Three Formulae Represent Open Chain Unsaturated Hydrocarbons Having Double Bonds? - Science

You are given the following molecular formulae of some hydrocarbons:
C5H8; C7H14; C6H6; C5H10; C7H12; C6H12

Which three formulae represent open chain unsaturated hydrocarbons having double bonds?

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C7H14, C5H10 ,C6H12 are the molecular formulae for the open chain unsaturated hydrocarbons having double bonds, as they correspond to the general formula of alkenes, i.e. CnH2n,​ where n is the number of carbon atoms in its one molecule.

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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Chemistry (Science)
Chapter 4 Carbon And Its Compounds
Q 64.3 | Page 224
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