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Yoga is Most Important in Everyone’S Life as It Helps in Balancing the Relationship Between Body and Mind. Write an Article in 100–150 Words on the Topic “Importance of Yoga in Our Life”. - English - Language and Literature

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Answer in Brief

Yoga is most important in everyone’s life as it helps in balancing the relationship between body and mind. Write an article in 100–150 words on the topic “Importance of Yoga in our life”. You are Ram/Rama.

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Importance of Yoga in our lives
By Rama

               With the kind of lifestyle which today’s youth is leading, yoga has become an important part of our life. From ill eating habits to the environmental pollution to irregular sleeping cycle, all of it affects our health terribly. As a result, we lose focus in life and start attracting diseases such as thyroid, diabetes, and many other respiratory disorders.
               Yoga is one organic way which can help us not only to maintain our health but also to boost immunity and improve the overall functioning of our system, thereby giving us a healthy and glowing skin along with a peaceful mind.
                Yoga should be practiced regularly, specifically meditation as it not only brings the mind at peace but also helps us focus on our day-to-day activities, thereby helping us in performing better academically, professionally, and even personally.

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