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‘X’ Started Walking Towards the West, After Travelling 5 Kilometres Turned Exactly to His Right and Walked 3 Kms. Then He Decided to Walk Exactly to His Left. on Reaching 2 Kilometres - Logical Reasoning


‘X’ started walking towards the west, after travelling 5 kilometres turned exactly to his right and walked 3 kms. Then he decided to walk exactly to his left. On reaching 2 kilometres, he heard a voice and walked back. Then he noticed that his friend ‘Y’ was walking towards him from his right side. In which direction is ‘Y’ walking?


  • East

  • West

  • North

  • South

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X starts from point A and on reaching point D, he hears the voice of Y who was coming towards point C, when X returns to point C.

Concept: Direction and Distance Test (Entrance Exam)
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