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X'S Sister Had Arranged for Her Husband'S Fatal Accident. - Logical Reasoning


A fact situation and result is presented. The following statement has to be separately evaluated in relation to the fact-situation and result' Evaluate these statements with the following sequences of decisions. The first of these that you cannot eliminate is the correct answer.
Situation: Major X, an able officer in the Kapistan Army, failed to receive a promotion for eight years. Then he had been reassigned to a military supply depot in Khawalpindi, despite his university training in engineering and electronics,and his remarkably high-performance ratings from his commanding officers.X had never been an active member of any political party as a youth nor as an adult, yet neither had he given the party or his superiors any cause to doubth is absolute loyalty to Kapistan. X's brother-in-law had been a diplomat in theKapistan government until his death in 1971 in a plane crash on Koviet soil while he was working in the Kapistan Embassy in Kosco. X had always assumed that the mishap was indeed an accident, until his friend Y, a middle-level officer in the interior Ministry, broadly hinted that the plane crash had been an act of sabotage. Soon after the talk with Y, X visited his sister, the diplomat's widow, in her Kosco apartment. During the visit she asked X several questions that struck him as strange and inappropriate. As he was leaving her apartment, she asked X to wear her late husband's scarf and to return to his hotel by way of a certain park. Bewildered, but not wishing to offend his sister, X obeyed her odd instructions.
Result: Two months later, X received a promotion and was made Commander of theKapistan missile division in Kahore.

X's sister had arranged for her husband's fatal accident.


  • lf the statement is inconsistent with or contradicts, the fact situation, the result, or both together.

  • lf the statement presents a possible adequate explanation of the result.

  • lf the statement is deducible from something in the fact-situation, or the result, or both together.

  • lf the statement either supports or weakens a possible explanation of the result.

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lf the statement either supports or weakens a possible explanation of the result.


According to the passage, X’s sister asked him to wear her husband’s scarf and return to his hotel through an alternate route. A possible explanation for her doing this could be that she wanted the people, who had a hand in the murder of her husband, to think that her husband is still alive. Now if the criminals see him alive, they would try to kill the brother too, which the sister wouldn’t want. This weakens the statement that she arranged for her husband’s death. Hence, 'lf the statement either supports or weakens a possible explanation of the result' is the correct answer.

Concept: Statement and Assumption (Entrance Exam)
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