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Writing a Story : Develop a Story in About 80 - 100 Words with the Help of the - English

Writing a Story : 
Develop a story in about 80 - 100 words with the help of the
following beginning. Suggest a suitable title for it.
Nidhi, was a poor, hardworking and honest girl. One day

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Write your Story by using the points given below.
• Write a suitable title to your Story.
• Write Story such a way to draw listeners’ attention.
• Use your own imagination and creativity while writing it.
• Try to convey a positive message through your story.
• If the beginning is given, begin your Story with the given beginning and write proper conclusion.
• If the end is given, begin your Story such a way to get the end given.
Marking Scheme :
• Title and beginning. 01
• Vocabulary and Grammar 01
• Use of appropriate points 01
• Logical order 01
• Conclusion 01

Concept: Writing Skill
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