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Write a Character Sketch of Mrs. Van Dann in 120‒150 Words. - English - Communicative

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Write a character sketch of Mrs. Van Dann in 120‒150 words.


A figure of ridicule and unintentional amusement, Mrs van Daan was an egotistical, cunning and perpetually dissatisfied person. She was an interfering busybody and a hypocrite who meddled in other people’s affairs. Though neglectful of her own son, she used to give unsolicited advice on the matters of upbringing. She portrayed herself as a tragic heroine who was misunderstood by everyone and demanded sympathy for her host of complaints.

She was also vain and coquettish. She would appear to be pleasant and friendly to strangers, especially men, but become vindictive, selfish and insufferable with those who knew her. She indulged in noisy fights with her husband, and it was quite difficult for her to demarcate boundaries between the public and the private.

Her world centred on herself and her immediate family; it did not matter to her what was happening outside that circle as long as it did not directly affect her. Despite being a mature woman, Mrs van Daan chose to behave like a frivolous young girl who indulged herself in occasional flirting and took offence at petty slights.

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Write a Character Sketch of Mrs. Van Dann in 120‒150 Words. Concept: Writing Skill.
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