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Write Your Counterviews in a Paragraph on the Topic: 'Crackers Should Be Burst to Express Happiness', on the Basis of the Views Given Below – Add a Few More Points. - English

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B1. Speech

  • Meeting is with pleasure,
  • Parting is with pain,
  • May life shower its treasure,
  • On you, now and again.
  • Wishing you all the best for your future.

After going through the message on the School Notice Board, draft a speech to be delivered on the occasion of Std. X Farewell.


B2. Write your counterviews in a paragraph on the topic:

'Crackers should be burst to express happiness', on the basis of the views given below – Add a few more points.


  • It symbolizes joy.
  • It illuminates the sky.
  • Children enjoy it.

Begin your paragraph as 'I strongly oppose the conviction ……..





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Respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends!
A very good morning to each one of you! Today, as I stand here in front you, I am overwhelmed by a multitude of emotions. Going back to our first day of school, we all felt upset to be away from the security of our family. Today we feel the same emotion: a sense of sadness to part from our extended family of friends, classmates and teachers. I want to thank our Principal for skippering the school in the right direction and for instilling discipline in us; our teachers for enriching us with knowledge and for moulding our nimble minds; our friends for their unwavering support and love; and last but not the least, our non-teaching staff for all the assistance they provided us over the years.
On this monumental occasion, we take a big step into the world outside. We are now at the threshold of adulthood. I am grateful that each of you has been instrumental in contributing to our growth, both intellectual and personal. I truly hope that one day, each of us is able to inspire others the way you have inspired us. Wishing everyone all the very best for the future.

I strongly oppose the conviction that crackers should be burst to express happiness. The loud noise of the crackers is known to raise stress levels in people and can frighten animals. The smoke from the crackers pollutes the air and impairs visibility causing accidents. The inhalation of the fumes can cause lung diseases. They can also escalate blood pressure and worsen heart conditions in patients. There are better and cheaper ways of expressing happiness like distributing sweets or planting trees.

Concept: Writing Skill
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