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Write Word Equation for the Following Molecular Equation: \\Ce{Nh3 G + Hcl G ⇌ Nh4cl S}\ - Chemistry

Short Note

Write word equation for the following molecular equation:

\[\ce{NH3 [g] + HCl [g] ⇌ NH4Cl [s]}\]

Word equation:
State which characteristic is observed in the above reaction.

Give an-example of a similar above characteristic, seen between two other gaseous reactants.

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Ammonia + Hydrogen chloride ⇌ ammonium chloride

Indication –

Change of state from gas to solid.

Other example of change of state are:

  1. 2H2 (g) + O2 (g) → 2H2O (l)
  2. C (s) + 2S (s) → CS2 (l)
Concept: Chemical Equation
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Viraf J. Dalal Class 7 New Simplified Middle School Chemistry
Chapter 5 Language of Chemistry
Chemical Equations | Q 3
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