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Write Word Equation for the Following Molecular Equation: \\Ce{N2 + 3h2 ⇌(Fe - 450°C) (200 Atoms) 2nh3 + \Triangle}\ - Chemistry

Short Note

Write word equation for the following molecular equation:

\[\ce{N2 + 3H2 ⇌[Fe - 450°C][200 atoms] 2NH3 + \triangle}\]

Word equation:
State why [+ Δ] indication is seen after NH3.
State what 200 atmospheres – indicates.
State the function of Fe in the above reaction.

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\[\ce{Nitrogen + Hydrogen ⇌[Fe - 450°C][200 atoms] Ammonia + \triangle}\]

  1. + Δ at the end of the reaction represents heat evolved.
  2. NH4 (Ammonia) decomposes in the presence of 200 atmospheric pressure.
  3. Fe(Iron) act as catalyst in the reaction.
Concept: Chemical Equation
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Viraf J. Dalal Class 7 New Simplified Middle School Chemistry
Chapter 5 Language of Chemistry
Chemical Equations | Q 6
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