Write True Or False. Give Reasons for Your Answers. If a Circle is Divided into Three Equal Arcs, Each is a Major Arc. - Mathematics

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True or False

Write True or False. Give reasons for your answers.

If a circle is divided into three equal arcs, each is a major arc.


  • True

  • False

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Consider three arcs of same length as AB, BC, and CA. It can be observed that for minor arc BDC, CAB is a major arc. Therefore, AB, BC, and CA are minor arcs of the circle.

Concept: Concept of Circle - Centre, Radius, Diameter, Arc, Sector, Chord, Segment, Semicircle, Circumference, Interior and Exterior, Concentric Circles
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Chapter 10: Circles - Exercise 10.1 [Page 171]


NCERT Class 9 Maths
Chapter 10 Circles
Exercise 10.1 | Q 2.3 | Page 171

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