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Write the Short note.

Spanish Colonies in America



  • The European migrants seized the lands of original inhabitants in America and if needed massacred them. Portugal brought Brazil to the American continent under their rule and so did Spain by taking hold of Mexico. There they discovered gold mines.
  • Spanish colonisers brought slaves from Africa to cultivate sugarcane and tobacco in the American fields. However, once the Spanish discovered the mines of gold and silver, they concentrated more on mining the precious metals than agriculture.
  • They established control over the entire coastline of South America. The coastal region from Florida to California was held by the Spanish. Here, they engaged the native Americans and the African slaves in farming. Farming and mining earned them enormous wealth.
  • Spain appointed governors to administer these regions. The King of Spain was the supreme authority. An organization, called ‘Council of the Indies’ was established to rule the colonies. This council was also in charge of the Spanish trade in the colonies.
  • Essential raw materials were exported out to Spain and the finished goods used to be imported for sale in the local markets of the colonies. The trade of gold and silver acquired from these colonies earned huge profits for the king. Witnessing Spain’s prosperity England, Holland and France also began to establish their colonies in America.
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Chapter 2: European Colonialism - Write the Short note


SCERT Maharashtra Question Bank 12th Standard HSC History Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 2 European Colonialism
Write the Short note | Q 4 A] 3.


'Declaration of Independence' was drafted by ______.

Write the name of the historical place/person/event.
The region from Florida to California on the southern coast of America was under the control of- ____________.

In 1496, ______ was granted permission to establish colonies on American land.

State your opinion.

Spain earned enormous wealth as a result of its colony in America.

State your opinion.

European nations were at the forefront of establishing colonies.

In 1774, a meeting was held at ______, it was decided to oppose British colonial policies.

Observe the map and answer the questions based on it.

  1. Explain whether these colonies are in North America or South America?
  2. On which coast are these colonies located?
  3. Which ocean is to the east of these colonies?
  4. The port of Boston, is related to which incidence?
  5. To which important event in the American war of independence is Philadelphia associated?

State your opinion.

In America, the process of colonization and the freedom happened way before than India.

Explain European colonialism.


Observe the following map and answer the questions based on it:

  1. By what name is the British colony of 'Jamestown' shown on the map?
  2. Give the total number of colonies established by the British as per the given map.
  3. Write the names of the two cities on the map to understand the map presented.
  4. Which ocean is to the east of the United States on the given map?
  5. Which of the colonies opposed the 'Stamp Act' while studying the given map?


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