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Write the Short Note on Western Ghats: Natural Vegetation; - Geography

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Write the short note on:
Western Ghats: Natural vegetation

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  1. The high rainfall, hot and humid climate which leads to deep weathering has favoured luxurient growth of natural vegetation in the Western Ghats. A portion of the south Sahyadri is gifted with tropical rain forests.
  2. In these forest trees like Mahogany, Teak, Ain, Bamboo, etc. are found. Eucalyptus and teak are seen in the plantation forests.
  3. In the Central Ghats, dense forest areas are located in some parts.
  4. The trees like Anjan, Kanchan, mango, jackfruits, cashew nut, etc. dominate the landscape in the Konkan region.
  5. The Western Ghats is one of the biodiversity hot spots and includes 7 national parks and 39 wildlife sanctuaries.
Concept: Concept for Maharashtra Plateau
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