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Write the information about the Portuguese factories.

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The information about the Portuguese factories are as follow:

The Portuguese had become so powerful that even the mighty Mughals and the Sultanates in the south had to buy a license from them. By 1608, the Portuguese had their colonies on the western coast of India at Diu, Daman, Chaul, Goa (including Sashti and Bardesh), Honnavar, Gangoli, Basrur, Mangalore, Kannur, Kodungallur, Kochi, and Kollam. Similarly, on the eastern coast, they had trader colonies at Nagapattinam, Mylapore (Mayilappore or also Sao Tome/ San Thom), and Hugli in Bengal. This stretch of the Portuguese Empire had its capital at Goa.

The Portuguese colonies had spread from Cape of Good Hope to Macau in China. They all were considered to be part of the Indian Empire of the Portuguese (Estado da India).

In the earlier half of the 17th century five ships used to arrive every year in the Indian ports. These ships were equipped with canons. The Portuguese had ship-building facilities at Goa, Diu, and Daman. Durable teakwood of best quality, essential for building ships was available in these regions. The Portuguese used to deploy seamen from Portugal to India. 

At the beginning of their rule, they made Goa a free port. That resulted in attracting traders from various countries to Goa.

There were several officeholders appointed by the Portuguese king: ‘Vice-rei’ Capitaon-i-jaral’ (Viceroy and General of the Army) for 3 years tenure. There used to be an advisory board to assist the Vice-rei, which included the Archbishop (Arcebispo) of Goa, Judge (Chancellor), In-charge of Company’s possessions (Vedore da Fazenda), Captain (Capitaon), and a few aristocrats from Do you know? Cartaz: The Cartaz usually carried details like the name of the vessel (ship), the name of the captain of the ship, port of departure and arrival, the list of weaponry on the ship loaded for the purpose of self-defense, etc. 20 Portugal. Vice-rei used to be the presiding head of this administrative setup.

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