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Write the Challenges Related to Personal Liberty. - History and Political Science

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Answer in Brief

Write the challenges related to personal liberty.

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The challenges related to personal liberty are:
Liberty of every individual is treated as very important in a democracy. There are three challenges to personal liberty.
(a) Social pressure: Democracy grants rights to everyone through the constitution but such rights remain only one paper. E.g., There is a lot of opposition to inter-caste marriages or women taking up specific jobs. Social pressure can limit personal liberty.
(b) Intolerance: Tolerance means accepting that the opinion of others can be different from one's own opinion and so allowing other opinions to be expressed. Intolerant society becomes a challenge for democracy.
(c) Security and Personal liberty: There should be restrictions on arms holding. But supporters of individual freedom oppose such restrictions.

Concept: Concept for Challenges to Democracy Remedial Measures to the Challenges
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