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Write Symbolically the Nuclear β+ Decay Process - CBSE (Science) Class 12 - Physics

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Write symbolically the nuclear βdecay process of `""_6^11C` Is the decayed product X an isotope or isobar of (`""_6^11C`)? Given the mass values m (`""_6^11C`) = 11.011434 u and m (X) = 11.009305 u. Estimate the Q-value in this process.


In β+ decay, the atomic number Z of the nucleus goes up by 1.

The nuclear β+ decay process of `""_6^11C` is `""_6^11C->""_5^11B+e^++v`

Given :

`(""_6^11C)`= 11.011434 u

m (X) =`(""_5^11B)`= 11.009305 u

Mass of an electron or positron = 0.000548 u

c = speed of light

The Q value of the nuclear masses of the `""_6^11C` is given as:


If atomic masses are used instead of nuclear masses, then we have to add 6me in the case of 11C and 5me in the case of 11B

Hence, eq.(1) reduces to


Q= [11.011434-11.009305-2x 0.000548]C2

Q = 0.001033 C2 u

1 u = 931.5 Mev/C2

Q = 0.001033 x 931.5 = 0.962 Mev

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Solution Write Symbolically the Nuclear β+ Decay Process Concept: Mass-energy and Nuclear Binding Energy - Nuclear Binding Energy.
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