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Write a Short Story in 150-200 Words on the Basis of the Hints Provided. Hari Drove Fast. He Was Already Late for Office. He Had Got up Late and It Was His First Day of Work - English - Communicative

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Write a short story in 150-200 words on the basis of the hints provided.

Hari drove fast. He was already late for office. He had got up late and it was his first day of work .......

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Hari woke up at 9 on a hazy summer morning. Realising that he was already late for his first day at office, he rushed. His office was quite near to the place where he lived, so he was hopeful to reach in time.
In order to look extremely impressive on his first day, he wore the suit that was different and and stylish; sprayed his imported perfume; polished his shoes with enthusiasm and drove fast towards his office. Though he reached a bit late, he was glad that he was not the last one to enter the orientation room.
By his appearance, his new boss seemed cruel and strict, who could easily make his employees miserable. But in the deepest of his thoughts, Hari hoped that his boss comes out to be a gentleman and easy to deal with. All the new employees stood in a line, to be greeted by their new boss, who walked in a dhoti, swooshing from heel to heel and a cap with the logo of horn on it. Addressing them in a booming voice, he said, “Welcome to hell”.

Concept: Writing Skill
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