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Write a Short Speech to Be Delivered in Your College on 'Tree Conservation' on the Occasion of 'The World Earth Day,' with the Help of the Following Points (About Joo Words): - English

Speech Writing: 

Write a short speech to be delivered in your college on 'Tree Conservation' on the occasion of 'The World Earth Day,' with the help of the following points (about JOO words):
(I) Air, water and noise pollution.
(2) Depletion of natural resources.
(3) Trees prevent soil erosion.
(4) Live in harmony with nature .  

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Ans. Speech: 
Honourable Principal sir, Vice Principal sir, My dear teachers and friends, a very good morning to one and all on this auspicious day i.e. April 22. First I would salute Gaylord Nelson whose idea to worship earth as an annual event day came in the year 1969; since then we celebrate it as well as sympathise with the death of humans, plants and animals that died of contaminated food, water and poisonous atmosphere. The pollution in air, water, sound and energy has caused manifold effects on the coming generation and can destroy the world 1000 times over.
We, as youthful idealists can change the world by protecting environment. Our sincere strives will stage teach-ins, campaigns, tree planting and of appeals for spreading awareness through social networking to educate all. We take an oath to spread environmental awareness to the greedy industrialists, capitalists and realtors. We will show them videos of shrinking mangroves and forests.
We start from here right now, dear friends. Let us teach all to be harmonious with nature as its disasters are horrendous and doesn’t see rich or poor. Depletion of nature and mankind must not be due to human Himalayan miscalculations of attaining a higher social status at the cost of nature.
Thank you
Concept: Writing Skill
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