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Write short Notes.Nature of Colonialism - History

Short Note

Write a short Note.
Nature of Colonialism

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  1. Colonialism is the act of a developed nation occupying the land of a less developed, distant nation and establishing their rule on the occupied country. Europeans travelled all over the world with various intentions such as the urge for adventures, to earn name, to discover unknown lands, to search for gold mines etc.
  2. The Europeans established colonies wherever they went and in doing so there was a competition to gain economic, social and political supremacy among the nations. Extreme nationalism, feeling of racial superiority, industrialisation, aggressive approach etc., are the factors that led to the growth of colonialism.
  3. Thus, Europeans went to America, Australia and New Zealand. The Europeans also colonised Asia. However, the climate of Asia did not favour them. Favourable or unfavourable, Europeans disposed of the indigenous people in their own lands.
  4. The Europeans saw these colonies as potential marketplaces to sell their surplus goods which were accumulated as a result of mass production. The Europeans also needed additional sources that would provide ample raw material.
  5. In the latter half of the 19th century, England built a flourishing trade as a result of industrial revolution.
Concept: Colonialism
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Balbharati History 12th Standard HSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 2 European Colonialism
Exercise Q.4 | Q 1 | Page 18
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