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Write short notes.
Maratha Architecture



  1. Chh. Shivaji Maharaj built forts, the tradition of which was prevalent in the Deccan for three centuries.
  2. The Kasaba temple in Pune and Vitthal temple in Vitthalwadi were reconstructed by Veermata Jijabai.
  3. During the Peshwa period, the Maratha kingdom regained its prosperity and all forms of art and architecture received patronage.
  4. The construction of temples began on a large scale during the later Peshwa
  5. Period. These temples are of three types. Examples of temple architecture of this period are found at Saswad, Mahuli, Jejuri, etc.
  6. These are huge in size. The plan of these temples is in star design, the foundation of the temple was multi layered and were named accordingly.
  7. The shikhara is made in bricks and stucco method.
  8. The Kalaram, Goraram and Sundarnarayan temples at Nasik and Mahadev temple at Trimbakeshwar, Mohiniraj temple at Nevasa are similar to the temples in Malwa and Rajasthan.
  9. These temples are constructed in stone. These temples are embellished extensively with sculptures.
  10. The third type of temples can be found at Pune, Satara, Wai etc.
  11. It included arches, wooden hall and sanctum sanctorum(gabhara). The Shikhara slopes inwards at the top
  12. The stone 'Deepamala' is a remarkable feature of these temples. The stone deepamalas at Jejuri were built by Shahajiraje.
  13. The Chhatris (Samadhis) at various places are noteworthy.
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Chapter 16 Swarajya to Empire (Maratha period)
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