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Write Short Notes on Sintering. - Applied Chemistry 2

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Short Note

Write short notes on Sintering.

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  • During this step, the green compact is heated in a protective atmosphere furnace to a suitable temperature, which is below the melting point of the metal.
  • Typical sintering atmospheres are endothermic gas, exothermic gas, dissociated ammonia, hydrogen, and nitrogen.
  • Sintering temperature varies from metal to metal; typically these are within 70 to 90% of the melting point of the metal or alloy.

  • Sintering is a solid state process which is responsible for producing physical and mechanical properties in the PM part by developing metallurgical bond among the powder particles.
  • It also serves to remove the lubricant from the powder, prevents oxidation, and controls carbon content in the part.
  • The structure and porosity obtained in a sintered compact depend on the temperature, time, and processing details.
  • It is not possible to completely eliminate the porosity because voids cannot be completely closed by compaction and because gases evolved during sintering.
  • Porosity is an important characteristic for making PM bearings and filters.
Concept: Powder Metallurgy - Sintering
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