Maharashtra State BoardHSC Science (General) 11th
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Write short notes. Role of human being in biodiversity conservation - Biology

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Answer in Brief

Write short notes.

Role of human being in biodiversity conservation

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  1. Due to rapid increase in human population and industrialization, humans have over utilized natural resources; leading to degradation of the environment and hence only humans can help conserve the ecosystem.
  2. Humans are capable of conserving and improving the quality of nature and thus, can play a major role in biodiversity conservation.
  3. In order to conserve biodiversity and its environmental resources, humans must use the resources rationally and avoid excessive degradation of environment.
  4. Human beings are stakeholders of the environment and need to come together to overcome pollution and improve the environment quality in order to conserve biodiversity. E.g. Ban or limit on use of harmful products (plastic, chemicals, etc.) that are toxic to various birds, animals, etc.
  5. Human beings also play a role in conservation of biodiversity by establishment of various sites for in situ (national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and biosphere reserves) and ex situ (botanical gardens, culture collections and zoological parks) conservation.
Concept: What is ‘Living’?
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Balbharati Biology 11th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 1 Living World
Exercise | Q 4. A. | Page 5
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