Write short notes on Television - History and Political Science

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Write short notes on


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i. Nature:

  1. Television is an audio-visual medium. It is also the most popular medium. 
  2. It telecasts news, mythological and historical serials, various competitions like singing, dancing, etc.

ii. History:

  1. The ‘Delhi Doordarshan Centre’ was inaugurated by Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India.
  2. On 1st May, 1972, Doordarshan’s Mumbai centre began to telecast its programmes. 
  3. On 15th August, 1982, colour television was introduced in India. 
  4. In 1991, government granted permission to private and international channels to telecast in India.

iii. Functions:

  1.  It overcomes the limitations of a radio & newspaper and shows the actual visuals of an event to people. 
  2. It provides entertainment and relaxation. 
  3. It enables people to view the historical, geographic and cultural wonders of the world by just sitting at home.
  4. It enables people to know the current events.
Concept: History of Mass Media
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