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Write short notes on - Chenla kingdom - History

Short Note

Write short notes on -
Chenla kingdom

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  1. The first kingdom, established in Cambodia was known by the name of 'Chenla'.
  2. The people who established Chenla were known as 'Khmer'.
  3. The influence of Indian culture in Cambodia dates back to the Chenla period.
  4. The kingdom of Chenla was established by Jayavarman II. His capital's name was
  5. 'Hariharalaya'.
  6. The kings of Chenla expanded their empire from Vietnam to Myanmar and to China in the north.
  7. After King 'Jayavarman VII' the Khmer empire began to decline.
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Balbharati History 11th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 13 India, Shri Lanka and Southeast Asia
Exercise | Q Q.2 (1) | Page 101
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