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Write Short Notes On: (A) General Utility Breeds of Cow (B) Breeds of Buffalo. - Science

Short Note

Write short notes on:

(a) General utility breeds of cow

(b) Breeds of buffalo.

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(a) General utility breeds of cow:
General utility breeds of cow refer to those breeds of cow that are raised for multiple purposes such as providing milk as well as helping in agricultural tasks. Some of the following are the general utility breeds:
  ​        ​(i) ​Ongole (Andhra Pradesh).
          (ii) Kankrej (Gujarat).
          (iii)​Tharparkar (Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh).

(b) Breeds of buffalo:
There are 10 breeds of buffaloes in India that are raised for a higher yield of milk. Some of these are as follows:                                  (i) Murrah: Original breed of Haryana and Punjab.
           (ii) Mehsana: Breed of Gujarat.
           (iii) Surti: A native breed of Kaira and Vadodara district                             of Gujarat.

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P S Verma and V K Agarwal Class 9 Biology - Science Part 3
Chapter 1 Improvements In Food Resources
Short Question Answer (Carrying 2 Marks) | Q 41 | Page 64
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