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  1. The reign of the three emperors, Akbar, Jahangir and Shahjahan was a period of peace, order and prosperity. Arts flourish when there is stability.
  2. A new era began in the field of art and architecture.
  3. The etched designs on the marble walls of mosques, tombs and palaces are an evidence of the highly advanced styles of art and architecture.
  4. The influence of Persian style of architecture was more prominent till Akbar's period.
  5. In the later period it evolved by absorbing Indian elements, which came to be known as 'IndoIslamic' style of architecture.
  6. During the period of Akbar and Jahangir, the art of ivory carving received royal patronage.
  7. The Mughal paintings originated from the Persian styles of painting.
  8. There are miniature paintings of Persian style in the manuscript of 'Baburnama'. The art of painting received encouragement during the period of Akbar. He appointed skilled painters in his court.
  9. During the period of Jahangir, paintings were done based on the court and hunting scenes. The paintings of this period were done in a more realistic style, which is vibrant and attractive. These paintings, portray birds and animals, cloud formations, human figures, and natural scenery.
  10. During the Mughal period, the art of music seems to have received royal patronage.
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Chapter 15: India during Mughal period - Exercises [Page 116]


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Chapter 15 India during Mughal period
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