Maharashtra State BoardHSC Arts 11th
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Write short notes. ‘Holocene’ epoch - History

Short Note

Write short notes.

‘Holocene’ epoch

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  1. The last glacial period in the history of our planet came to an end about 12000-11000 years ago.
  2. This was the beginning of a new epoch, known as 'Holocene'.
  3. With the beginning of Holocene, glaciers began to melt, increasing volume of water in rivers and oceans.
  4. As a result, availability of animals and vegetation for food increased.
  5. The period witnessed the extinction of gigantic mammoth.
  6. Variety of fishes, small animals like goat, sheep, deer were available for food.
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Balbharati History 11th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 1 First Farmers
Exercise | Q Q.6 (2) | Page 9
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