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Write Short Notes on the Following: India’S Nuclear Policy - Political Science

Short Note

Write short note on the following:

India’s nuclear policy

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India’s Nuclear Policy:

  1. India advocates no first use and reiterates India’s commitment to global verifiable on non-discriminatory nuclear disarmament loading to a nuclear weapon free world.
  2. Pt. Nehru always promoted ’ science and technology to build a modern India, i.e. initiated nuclear programme in the late 1940s under the guidance of Homi J. Bhoba.
  3. India was against nuclear weapons, hence pleaded many nuclear disarmament with superpowers.
  4. India always considered NPT as discriminatory and refused to sign on it.
  5. Even India’s first Nuclear Test in May 1974 was termed as a peaceful explosion and India argued to use nuclear power for peaceful purposes only.
Concept: India's Nuclear Policy
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NCERT Class 12 Political Science - Politics in India since Independence
Chapter 4 IndIa’s external relatIons
Exercise | Q 6.1 | Page 80
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