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Write Short Notes on the Following Hofmann’S Bromamide Reaction - Chemistry

Write short notes on the following Hofmann’s bromamide reaction

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Solution 1

Hoffmann bromamide reaction - When an amide is treated with bromine in an aqueous or ethanolic solution of sodium hydroxide, a primary amine with one carbon atom less than the original amide is produced. This degradation reaction is known as Hoffmann bromamide reaction. This reaction involves the migration of an alkyl or aryl group from the carbonyl carbon atom of the amide to the nitrogen atom.

Solution 2

Hoffmann’s bromamide reaction: When an amide is treated with bromine in alkali solution, it is converted to a primary amine that has one carbon atom less than the starting amide. This reaction is known as Hoffinann’s bromamide degradation reaction.

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NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Textbook
Chapter 13 Amines
Q 7.4 | Page 401
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