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Write Short Notes on the Following Coupling Reaction - Chemistry

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Write short notes on the following Coupling reaction

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Solution 1

Coupling reaction - The reaction of joining two aromatic rings through the −N=N−bond is known as coupling reaction. Arenediazonium salts such as benzene diazonium salts react with phenol or aromatic amines to form coloured azo compounds.

It can be observed that, the para-positions of phenol and aniline are coupled with the diazonium salt. This reaction proceeds through electrophilic substitution.

Solution 2

Coupling reaction: In this reaction, arene diazonium salt reacts with aromatic amino compound (in acidic medium) or a phenol (in alkaline medium) to form brightly coloured azo compounds. The reaction generally takes place at para position to the hydroxy or amino group. If para position is blocked, it occurs at ortho position and if both ortho and para positions are occupied, than no coupling takes place.

Concept: Diazonium Salts - Chemical Reaction of Diazonium Salts - Reactions Involving Retention of Diazo Group Coupling Reactions
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NCERT Class 12 Chemistry
Chapter 13 Amines
Q 7.5 | Page 401
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