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Write Short Notes on Diazotisation - Chemistry

Write short notes on Diazotisation

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Solution 1

Diazotisation - Aromatic primary amines react with nitrous acid (prepared in situ from NaNO2 and a mineral acid such as HCl) at low temperatures (273-278 K) to form diazonium salts. This conversion of aromatic primary amines into diazonium salts is known as diazotization.

For example, on treatment with NaNO2 and HCl at 273−278 K, aniline produces benzenediazonium chloride, with NaCl and H2O as by-products.

Solution 2

Diazotisation: The process of conversion of a primary aromatic amino compound into a diazonium salt, is known as diazotisation. This process is carried out by adding an aqueous solution of sodium nitrite to a solution of primary aromatic amine (e.g., aniline) in excess of HCl at a temperature below 5°C.

Concept: Introduction of Diazonium Salts
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NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Textbook
Chapter 13 Amines
Q 7.3 | Page 401
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