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Characteristics of culture



The term culture refers to the way of life of a member of various societies or groups. Culture has the following characteristics:

  1. Culture is acquired: Culture is learnt by each member through socialization. Cultural learning takes place through experience and symbolic interactions. Culture is propagated through generations.
  2. Culture is abstract: Culture exists in the minds or habits of the members in a society. We cannot see culture but can see human behaviour.
  3. Culture is shared: Culture is shared by a group of people belonging to the same community. They share the same values. beliefs and traditions. These aspects develop a sense of unity.
  4. Culture is man-made: Culture is a human product and does nothing on its own.
  5. Culture is idealistic: Culture embodies the ideas and norms of a group. It consists of intellectual, artistic, and social ideas which are followed by members of the society.
  6. Culture is transmitted among the members of the society: The cultural ways are learned by persons from persons and many of them are handed down by one's elders, parents, teachers, and others.
  7. Culture is continuously changing: With the passing of time, culture gradually undergoes changes in traditions, beliefs, or rituals.
  8. Culture varies from society to society: Every society has its own culture. For example, the ways of eating, drinking, greeting, etc. differ from society to society.
  9. Culture is an integrated system: Its various parts are integrated with each other and any new element introduced may be integrated. For example, the value system is linked to its morality, religion, customs, etc.
  10. Language is the chief vehicle of culture: Language enables us to transmit what was learned in the past.
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