Write short notes based upon the information known to you. Darwin’s theory of natural selection - Science and Technology 2

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Write short notes based upon the information known to you.

Darwin’s theory of natural selection



  1. Darwin is famous for the theory which he published in the book titled 'Origin of Species'.
  2. Darwin’s theory of natural selection is based on the concept of survival of the fittest. 
  3. Organisms can reproduce prolifically.
  4. Under limited resources, organisms compete with each other in a life-threatening manner for their survival.
  5. According to this theory, only those organisms survive which show modifications for winning the competition. The selected organisms then give rise to new species with their specific set of characters.
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Chapter 1 Heredity and Evolution
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Chapter 1 Heredity and Evolution
Answer the following questions | Q 9

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Name the scientist who influenced Darwin and how ?

Explain the interpretation of Charles Darwin when he observed a variety of smallblack birds on Galapagos Islands.

Give the principles of Darwin's theory of natural selection.

Objection to Darwin's theory of natural selection.

How do the observations made during moth collection in pre- and post- industrialized era in England support evolution by Natural Selection?

Explain the phenomenon that is well represented by Darwin's finches other than natural selection.

What is "fitness of an individual" according to Darwin?

State the two key concept of Darwinian theory.

Name and define the three types of natural selection.

All organisms produce more young ones. Comment

The largest unit in which gene flow is possible is :

(1) Organism

(2) Population

(3) Species

(4) Genes

Answer each question in ‘One’ sentence only: 

Identify which one of the following is a test cross. 

The theory of Natural Selection was proposed by

Give the scientific name of the organism which is cited as the classical example of 'natural selection'.

Briefly discuss the Theory of Natural Selection as given by Darwin.

Industrial melanism provides a good example of natural selection. Discuss.

Given alongside are two figures (A and B) showing a phenomenon that was first observed in Manchester before and after the year 1850.

Answer the following.

What name has been given to this phenomenon?

State Darwin’s theory of evolution.

List any three drawbacks of Darwinism.

Explain the evolution of the long neck of giraffe according to Charles Darwin. 

Answer the following question.
How did Charles Darwin express 'fitness'?

Answer the following question.
Explain ‘fitness of a species’’ as mentioned by Darwin.

In which book Darwin had published his theory of Natural selection?

What are objections raised against Darwin's theory?

The theory of natural selection for evolution was proposed by ______.

Natural selection is a driving force for evolution-How?

Differences between organisms in a species are described as variations. Which of the following would you describe as a continuous variation?

The more characteristics two species have in common ______ 

Which concept was not included in Charles Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection?

Natural selection is called ‘survival of the fittest. Which of the following statements best describes an organism?

What is the ancient name for all human beings?

A basket of vegetables contains carrot, potato, radish and tomato.
Which of them represent the correct homologous structures?

Select the correct statement.

If the fossil of an organism is found in the deeper layers of earth, then we can predict that

What are homologous structures? Give an example. Is it necessary that homologous structures always have a common ancestor?

Study the following cross and showing self pollination in F1, fill in the blank and answer the question that follows

Parents RRYY × rryy
  Round, Yellow   wrinkled, green
F1- Rr Yy × ?
  Round, yellow    

Which of the following sequences fits into the organic evolution theory proposed by Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace?

Which one of the following statement is correct?

The ship on which Darwin was appointed as Naturalist was:

According to Darwin, two different areas within a continent have different species because they have different:

Origin of species was written by:

Theory of natural selection dwells on:

Species occurring in the different geographical areas are called as ______.

Match List - I with List - II.

List - I List II
(a) Adaptive radiation (i) Selection of resistant varieties due to excessive use of herbicides and pesticides
(b) Convergent evolution (ii) Bones of forelimbs in Man and Whale
(c) Divergent evolution (iii) Wings of Butterfly and Bird
(d) Evolution by anthropo- genic action (iv) Darwin Finches

Choose the correct answer from the options given below.

What are the key concepts in the evolution theory of Darwin?

Who proposed the theory of survival of the fittest?

Nature has a way of causing organisms that inherit advantageous traits to survive and reproduce more successfully than the ones that do not. This process is known as ______.

Mention Darwin's observations made on finches during his visit of Galapagos Islands. Write the explanation given by Darwin on his observations.

Write drawbacks of Darwin's theory

Distinguish between directional, stabilizing and disruptive selection.


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