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Write Short Notes Based Upon the Information Known to You.Darwin’S Theory of Natural Selection - Science and Technology 2

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Answer in Brief

Write short notes based upon the information known to you.

Darwin’s theory of natural selection

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Darwin’s theory of natural selection: Darwin is famous for the theory which he published in the book titled ‘Origin of Species’. In this book, he explained the theory of natural selection which talks about the survival of the fittest. He stated that there is a continuous competition between organisms for survival and the strongest of all survives. The chances of survival are higher for organisms which show modifications which will help them to survive. He also said that nature also plays an important role in the selection of the fittest. Nature selects only those organisms which are capable of adapting to the changing situations while the rest which are incapable to do so perish away. The organisms which are selected by the nature then reproduce and give rise to new species which have their own characteristics.

Concept: Theories of Evolution: Darwinism or Theory of Natural Selection
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