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Write short notes. Administrative system in South India - History

Answer in Brief

Write short notes.

Administrative system in South India

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  1. There were officials like 'Mahadandanayaka', 'Rashtrika', 'Deshadhikruta', 'Amatya', 'Ayukta', etc.
  2. The council of officers in the Chola kingdom was called 'Udankuttam'.
  3. The kingdom was divided into many provinces. These provinces were known as 'Mandalam'.
  4. A member of the royal family was the chief of the Mandalam.
  5. There were many officers under him such as 'Vishayapati', 'Deshadhipati', 'Deshadhikrut', 'Rashtrika', etc.
  6. The administration of the Southern kingdoms was very efficient. Village autonomy was an important feature.
  7. The 'Gramasabha' (village council) looked after the village administration.
  8. The head of the Gramasabha was known by different names such as 'Gramabhojaka', 'Gramakuta' etc.
  9. Land revenue was the main source of income for the state.
  10. Apart from it the excise tax, professional tax, pilgrimage tax were the sources of income.
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Balbharati History 11th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 11 Kingdoms in South India
Exercise | Q Q.3 (1) | Page 83
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