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Write Short Note.Environmental Conservation. - Science and Technology 2

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Write short note.

Environmental Conservation.

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Environmental conservation is a broad term which refers to the actions we take in order to protect our planet and conserve its natural resources. We are very well aware of the fact that the human life on earth is supported by the various components of the environment. There is a direct relationship between environment and life on earth. Any kind of harm or disruption to the environment will directly and indirectly affect the life of organisms on this earth. We need to understand that natural resources should be used in a sustainable manner and not to fulfill our greeds.
Environmental conservation implies to the conservation of forests, water resources, mineral resources etc. There are various projects which are being carried out at different levels with respect to environment conservation. These programmes are carried out by government organisations, NGO's, RWA's, schools, colleges etc. The aim of these programmes is to promote the conservation of environment from the grassroot level. 

Concept: Environmental Conservation
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