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Write Short Notedisaster and Its Management. - Science and Technology 2

Write short note

Disaster and its management.

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Any natural or man made event which has a negative impact on life, property and livelihood and causes permanent changes to environment, ecosystem and human society is termed as a disaster. 
Natural disasters: Any adverse event which occurs as a result of natural processes of earth is called natural disaster for example: cyclones, earthquakes, storms, tsunami, etc.
Man made disasters: Unlike natural disasters, which are influenced by natural forces, man made disasters are caused due to negligence of humans. Gas leaks, oil spills, nuclear meltdown or leakage of radiation, industrial fires, transport accidents, terrorism, epidemics and biological warfare are examples of man made disasters. 

The damage caused by disasters can be reduced by making ourselves prepared in disaster management. Disaster management is the strategy and course of action to be executed at the time of any such disaster to save as much life as possible. This includes:

  • Improving tolerance
  • Preventing losses and dangers
  • Providing relief to the affected people
  • Preparing for actions to be taken at the time of disaster
  • Assessing the damage caused
  • Arrangement of rescue for the affected
  • Rehabilitation and rebuilding the affected area
Concept: Need of Environmental Conservation
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