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Write a Short Note of the You Attitude . - Communication Skills

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Short Note

Write a short note of the You attitude.

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You attitude:

You attitude or consideration Lymphocytes on the received interest. Wild conveying information , the reader's/ audience's needs/ interests must be kept in mind for effective communication. Hence, you attitude is a style of writing that

  • Look at things from the readers point of view
  • Respect the Reader's intelligence
  • Protects the Reader's ego/ needs

you attitude can be achieved by using "you" more often then" I " in positive situations use "we when it includes the readers and avoid" you" in negative situations as it is sounds accusative and impolite.
Lacks you attitude: We are shipping 500 road signs today's.
With you attitude: The 500 road signs you ordered will be shipped today and should reach you by october 25.

Concept: Objectives of Communication Theory
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