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Write a Short Note on Rites and Secularisation. - Sociology

Short Note

Write a short note on Rites and secularisation.

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Rites and secularisation :-

  • It usually means a process of decline in the influence of religion.
  • Indicators of secularisation have referred to levels of involvement with religious organisations (like church attendance), the social and material influence of religious organization, and the degree to which people hold religious beliefs.
  • But the general assumption that modem societies are increasingly becoming secular may not entirely be hue.
  • A considerable part of ritual in India has direct reference to the pursuit of secular ends.
  • Rituals have secular dimensions i.e. they provide men and women occasions for socializing with their peers and superiors.
  • They get an opportunity to show off family’s wealth, clothing and jewellery.
  • During the last few decades in particular, the economic, political and status dimensions of ritual have become increasingly conspicuous.
Concept: How Do We Approach the Study of Sanskritisation, Modernisation, Secularisation and Westernisation
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NCERT Class 12 Sociology - Social Change and Development in India
Chapter 2 Cultural Change
Exercise | Q 3.1 | Page 34
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