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Write Short Note on Qualities of Good Speaker. - Communication Skills

Short Note

Write short note on qualities of good speaker.

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public speaking is an art. Good public speaking skill are not innaye, they can be acquired and nurtured over time and with practice. Some qualities and characteristics of effective public speaker:

  1. Confidence
  2. Passion towards the topic
  3. Authenticity being true to yourself
  4. Plenty of practice not memorization
  5. Speaking in one's natural voice
  6. Good voice modulation and paralanguage
  7. Keeping it short and simple
  8. Connect with the audience
  9. Emphasize with the audience
  10. Story telling engaging narrative
  11. Repetition
  12. Good body language (eye contact, gesture, posture, facial expression).

A good speech must engage the audience the art of public speaking goes beyond reading from cue cards it is an intense mode of communication which has the power to inspire and transform the listener.

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