Write a Short Note on Pressure Cooker. - Science and Technology 2

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Write a short note on pressure cooker.

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Pressure cooker
(1) The pressure cooker is a common example of the use of eco-friendly technology.
(2) It works on the principle of pressure of steam used during cooking. During cooking, steam and heat are produced in the cooking vessel.
(3) In an ordinary vessel, most of this steam and heat escape into the atmosphere. Therefore, it takes a longer time for the food to cook. However, in a pressure cooker, the steam produced is trapped due to the presence of a tightly fitting lid. This results in increased vapour pressure and production of more heat. The steam and heat help in cooking food faster.
(4) It also saves fuel and is eco-friendly.

Concept: Use of Efficient and Eco-friendly Technology
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2013-2014 (March)



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