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Write the Short Note On: Functions of Who - Biology

Short Note

Write the short note on:
Functions of WHO 

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The functions of WHO are:
(a) It promotes medical education and training to all the countries.
(b) It collects information and supplies information about the health, epidemic and endemic diseases all over the world.
(c) It encourages research and development of international pharmaceutical products.
(d) It suggests quarantine measures to prevent epidemics like plague, cholera etc.
(e) WHO also finance international research programmes on health like eradication of malaria, smallpox etc.

Concept: International Bodies: Who (World Health Organisation)
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Frank ICSE Class 10 Biology
Chapter 14 Health Organisations
Exercise | Q 2.03 | Page 169
Selina Concise Science Biology 1 Class 9 ICSE
Chapter 18 Health Organisation
Short answer type | Q 2 | Page 178
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