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Write a Short Note on Objectives of Communication. ( - Communication Skills

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Short Note

Write a short note on objectives of communication.

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The basic objective of all human communication is to "obtain and understanding response." With what intention do we communicate, governs the way we communicate one need to be clear about "why" and to accomplish "what" one is communicating. Some important objective of communication are:

  1.  Information: The prime objective of communication is to exchange information within and outside and Organisation. It is imperative to ensure that information flow is smooth so that the organisation can grow and its employees and customers are happy.
  2.  Planning and execution: For carrying out delegated task and official responsibility to plan and convey future course of action to instruct and train employees effective communication is vital.
  3. Motivation and Raisings morale: A family has to ensure that its members are motivated. similarly an Organisation has to keep its employees motivated for better output and loyalty. Through effective communication, the moral of employee must be kept high. The higher authorities must ensure that damaging rumours are kept at bay and that there is an environment of trust and Faith by means of maintaining open communication and being approachable.
Concept: Objectives of Communication Theory
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