Maharashtra State BoardHSC Arts 12th Board Exam
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Write short Note:Metallurgy in Europe - History

Short Note

Write short Note:
Metallurgy in Europe

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  1. England had a number of iron mines.
  2. Therefore, it was necessary to advance the technique of smelting iron to acquire purified iron from it.
  3. The fuel for iron furnaces was replaced from wood to coal.
  4. Special machines were made to keep the furnaces at a set temperature and to maintain its aeration.
  5. In 1865, the process of producing steel from molten iron was invented and the nature of the iron industry underwent a major transformation.
  6. At about the same time, a method was adopted to pour the molten metal into casts for making iron bars (for e.g. rails).
Concept: Scientific Inventions in Various Fields
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