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Write a Short Note of the Grapevine . - Communication Skills

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Short Note

Write a short note of the Grapevine .

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grapevine communication is informal communication because it does not always move along the horizontal or vertical lines of communication within an organization. Information in a grapevine spread very fast and in all directions. It serve as an outlet for Worries, anxieties and frustration and can negatively impact the productivity and morale of employees. Gossip, hearsay, rumours are fooder for grapevine. As it is multidirectional sometime the management main use it to dispel anxieties and negativity by deliberately planting information.

Grapevine is often termed as the Barometer of morale thikka the grapevine, lower the morale/productivity. The management cannot deny the existence of grapevine , but it can keep its eyes and ears open to information bring conveyed around.

Concept: Objectives of Communication Theory
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