Maharashtra State BoardHSC Commerce 12th Board Exam
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Write Short Note On Functions of Entrepreneur - Organisation of Commerce and Management

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Write short note on Functions of entrepreneur

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The entrepreneur performs vital functions. The main functions are as briefly stated as follows:

  1. Initiates Business Enterprises: - The foremost function of an entrepreneur is that he in initiates the business enterprise. For this purpose, he performs the following:
  • Generates ideas to set up a business unit.
  • Plans for the setting up of business unit.
  • Organises the factors of production- land, labour, and capital.
  1. Risk Bearing: - The entrepreneur assumes the risks of his business. A person who can take risk can become an entrepreneur. Risk taking is the heart of entrepreneurship. Those who are not inclined (of a mind) to take risk cannot become entrepreneurs. It is to be noted that successful businessman take calculated risks.
  1. Decision Making: - An entrepreneur is required to take several decisions. The decisions in respect of
  • Location of the business unit, Selection of employees, Obtaining of funds, Productiondecisions.
  • Marketing and distribution decisions.
  1. Coordination: -An entrepreneur performs the functions of coordination. He coordinates the working of the business enterprise. He has to coordinate the various functional departments such as production, marketing, finance, etc.
  1. Combines the factors of production: -The entrepreneur has to combine the factors of production in such a way that he gets maximum return on investment. Therefore, there should be a maximum return on investment. Therefore, the should be a proper mix of land, labour and capital to get highest possible returns.
  1. Innovation: - The entrepreneur should be imaginative and innovative. He should be dynamic in nature. Therefore, a successful entrepreneur is always on the book out for
  • New ideas, new products, new processes or methods, etc.
  1. Maintain Relations: -An entrepreneur has to maintain good relations with several parties such as:
  • Employees,
  • Government authorities,
  • Customers, Suppliers,
  • Other relevant section of the society.
Concept: Function of Entrepreneurship Development
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