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Write short note. Formation of ‘self’ according to Mead. - Sociology

One Word Answer

Write short note.

Formation of ‘self’ according to Mead.

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1. George Herbert Mead has elaborated on the process of building social self.

2. According to him, the self does not exist at birth. It emerges through communication and interactions with others as well as through our understanding of others’ responses.

3. He asserted that formation of self occurs in three distinct stages as follows:

  1. Stage 1: Imitation: In this stage, children imitate behaviour of adults without understanding it.
  2. Stage 2: Play stage: In this stage, a child internalises the attitudes of others who are significant to him through enacting their roles.
  3. Stage 3: Game stage: As children mature and as the self gradually develops, one internalises the expectations of a large number of people. They develop the ability to take the role according to the perception of others. A child also understands that ‘role play’ in each situation involves following a consistent set of rules and expectations.

4. Socialisation, in this sense, is a process of self-awareness. It involves learning to behave according to expected norms and patterns.

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Balbharati Sociology 11th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 6 Socialization
Exercise | Q 2. (1) | Page 71
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