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Write short note Factors affecting on regional development - Geography

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Short Note

Write short note

Factors affecting on regional development

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The factors affecting regional development are follows:

1. Physical factors:

  1. Physical factors like climate and relief of region affects its development. Areas where land is less fertile, water is scarce, diseases flourish, will be less developed. For example, region in the tropical rainforests. 
  2. Whereas, the region with fertile land, favourable climate and good rainfall promotes the development. For example, Mediterranean region.

2. Population:

  1. Population and development are closely interrelated. In fact, all the parameters of development are measured, keeping in mind the population of a region. Quality and quantity of the population are important for development of a region.
  2. In the stage 5, of Demographic transition, regions with low growth rate will have greater development. But, at the same time, the quality of the population is also equally important.
  3. Also, if the migration is high in a region, it can bring pressure on resources and facilities in the recipient region.

3. Land use:

  1. As socio-economic conditions change, land use keeps on changing. The way the people of a region use their land, will help the region develop faster. 
  2. With faster economic development and changes in land use, the transition of rural areas to urban areas also increases at a faster rate.

4. Economic activities:

Generally, tertiary activities contribute more to the income of the region and depend less on primary activities, more development has been seen in such region.

Concept: Factors Affecting Regional Development
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SCERT Maharashtra Question Bank 12th Standard HSC Geography Maharashtra State Board 2022
Chapter 7 Region and Regional Development
Write short notes | Q 2
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