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Write a short note on email etiquette.



E-mail or electronic mail is a standard part of our professional and personal in which in this day of constant digital connectivity. There are many ways to write an E-mail, but use of E-mail etiquette help our communication to look professional. E-mail id cuties employee asset of conventions accepted role of composing e-mail which help to impress the recipient. Some such of email etiquettea are:

  • Never use slang
  • Be concise and precise
  • Always proofread before hitting the" send" button Check for spelling and grammar.
  • Avoid unnecessary forward and attachments.
  • Use the reply all button with care. Judge if everyone needs to read your reply.
  • Use professional language and avoid using shortcut like 4u (for you).
  • Respond in a timely fashion.
  • Be careful with confidential information.
  • Take care of formatting
  • The bottom line is "Professionals always communicate professionally".
Concept: Information Communication Technology (Ict) Enabled Communication Media
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